Chaminuka Cheese Tasting

I never realized how many types of cheese there were! They were so good and served with one or two glasses of wine in a cool looking “cheese cave”. All of it is processed right on the compound. I’d say if you are a foodie, especially with cheese, I highly recommend Chaminuka Cheese tasting. This activity was about a half hour long, and located on Chaminuka Lodge property.

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Lilayi Elephant Nursery

I’m gonna preface this by saying I did not do the game drive, or see any of the animals, besides the babies in the nursery. I simply went to see the baby elephants. They are SO cute and if you love elephants I would recommend going to see them and spending the afternoon just watching them. That being said, if you have seen elephants before and are not totally “in love” with them, maybe see what else Lilaya has to offer. The part where you see the baby elephants is just a small enclosure that you climb up into a tree house like structure to watch them. They’re very cute, and I’m glad I saw it, but it was an excursion that was given to me for free, I’m not sure I would have gone there on my own otherwise. It’s a little bit of a drive outside of main Lusaka.

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Paintball Mania

So I’m not a huge fan of paintball in general, but I’d still recommend this to anyone with some time to spare looking for something different to do around Lusaka, especially if you’ve got a cool group of friends. Its relatively inexpensive and its fun for you and your friends to go, dress in ridiculous jumpsuits, make teams, and run around an shoot each other. I went with a group of grown women and traded off sessions with a bunch of small boys there for a birthday party. Everyone had a great time. The price is basically 1kwa per paintball. You start with 100. So 100kwa to start (~$10)

Check out the website here for more specifics!

Bush Fire

Another quick outing from Solwezi is Bush Fire. It is a lodge/farm. I don’t have much details about the lodge aspect of the place although I know they’re on Airbnb ( If you’re staying in Solwezi you can bike here easily, or take a minibus/taxi out towards Chingola. What you can do there is take horseback riding lessons, or just ride if you already know how. It is 50kwa for about 1/2 hour to an hour of riding. It’s something different to do, nice date idea, and they have a bar you can grab a drink afterward. The guides are good at teaching and can take it slow for you if you’re nervous. We just stayed within the fenced in area but they said they have paths you can walk on once you know what you’re doing. I would try to contact Sue the owner to find what times work best. I went on a Wednesday afternoon. I found this place towards the end of my stay in Zambia, and wish I found it sooner I definitely would have gone more.